CryoScience is the merging of these three scientific disciplines to better achieve the goals of anti-aging, longevity and delayed resuscitation.

Welcome to the Future of Science!
International CryoScience Foundation is dedicated to promoting innovations in the three fields of cryomedicine, cryobiology and cryonics.

Our goal is to identify worthy cryoscience related projects and to align investor funding to support
the continuation of research.
"Although no one can quantify the probability of cryonics working, I estimate it is at least 90% -- and certainly nobody can say it is zero."

-Sir Arthur C. Clarke

cry·o·gen·ics [ kri ə jénniks ]  
The study of extremely low temperatures: the branch of physics that studies the causes and effects of extremely low temperature.
cry·o·bi·ol·o·gy [ kri ō bī ólləjee ]  
The study of organisms at low temperatures: the branch of biology that studies how extremely low temperatures affect organisms.
cry·on·ics [ krī ónniks ]  
The study or practice of keeping a clinically dead body at an extremely low temperature in the hope of restoring it to life later with the help of future medical advances.
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