George E. Looschen - President, International Cryoscience Foundation, Also Founder of: PeopleJar International; United by Freedom; CDMA Development Group; Argus Development.

Ram Aikat - Specializing in handling media relations
and production in his Century City, CA office.

Scott Looschen, Experienced as a Nurse for a leader in the long-term care industry and has interned with a prominent medical examiner.

Robert Ettinger, Known as the "father" of cryonics due to the impact of his book "The Prospect for Immortality", written in 1962.

Ray Kurzweil, Author: "The Singularity is Near"
Ardent supporter of the cryonics industry.

People and companies involved in the cryonics industry
International CryoScience Foundation                                     A Division of Argus Development

Cryonics Institute -  Cryonics Storage Facility
Clinton Township, MI,

Alcor Life Extension Foundation -  Cryonics Storage Facility, Scottsdale, AZ,

KrioRus -  Cryonics Storage Facility
Moscow, Russia,

Cryonics Society of Canada, Dedicated to informing
Canadians about cryonics.

Cryonics U.K., an organization set in place to provide assistance to those within the UK who wish for their body to be cryopreserved upon "death".

Rudi Hoffman, CFP, CLUSkilled in developing estate planning for cryonics funding.